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PLEASE NOTE: Below are guidelines for how we will operate during the current period.

To assure customers that we are complying with all HSE guidelines we would like to advise of the following:

  • DRYV vehicles are medically sanitised each working day – this sanitisation kills 99% of all viruses and germs so the area is safe to use and to travel in.

  • Bookings where possible should be made online.

  • DRYV staff have been issued with clear instructions following HSE guidelines for THEIR OWN safety and YOUR safety so please follow our simple instructions.

  • Customers do not need to leave their home or office to give their keys to our staff. Instead simply open your vehicle and allow our staff to provide the service - interaction free.

  • We require no access to your home or office and are fully self sufficient so can operate at a safe distance.

  • Seat covers will be used on all jobs by our staff.

  • DRYV would request that payments, where possible, are made by card either online or in person.


Further updates will be provided on our website and on Facebook as the need arises. DRYV – click your car clean™

DryvClean Covid 19 Statement
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